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Things Fans Want To See In Marvel's What If...?

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Marvel's What If...? comics have taken readers into unexplored corners of the Marvel Universe for decades, and with a Disney+ animated series in the works, audiences will soon see some of these intriguing scenarios explored onscreen. Here's a look at some of the most highly anticipated options.

One of the most thought-provoking issues of the What If...? comic series is "What If Captain America Hadn't Vanished During World War Two?" In that alternate reality, Cap and Bucky continued their heroic adventures well into the 1960s, until Bucky takes up the stars and stripes so Rogers can become the first director of SHIELD.

The thought of Cap and Bucky returning to fight crime in a post-WWII America has some very appealing Batman and Robin-esque vibes, but the real draw is seeing how those two might have interacted with the various MCU characters of that era. Having Steve Rogers visit Howard and Maria Stark in the hospital to congratulate them on the birth of their first son would be just one of a few intriguing twists.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 revealed that Yondu originally abducted Peter Quill from Earth so he could return him to his father, Ego the Living Planet. Fortunately for the young space pirate, Yondu grew attached to the lad, raising him to become a Ravager.

Had Yondu made good on his assignment and returned Quill to Ego, the MCU would've been majorly affected. Ego would've been able to harness Quill's ultra-powerful energy to consume the universe with the planetary seeds he'd planted, and he might even have achieved his goal of galactic domination.

Had Ego's plan gone off without a hitch, who could've stopped it? We know Quill was abducted in 1988, so most of the current members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes wouldn't be around yet. Captain America would still be frozen, Tony Stark wouldn't be Iron Man yet, and Bruce Banner would still just be a scientist. However, at least one potential power could stand in Ego's way: Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers, a member of the intergalactic Kree force around the time of Quill's abduction, would be the most logical first line of defense. Getting to see the most powerful Avenger battle a living planet sounds like just the sort of thing What If…? should be doing, especially since it's animated and can thus pull off these sorts of big action scenes.

Speaking of Yondu abducting young Earthlings, what if the blue alien had taken another child entirely? Speaking to Discussing Film, What If...? showrunner Ashley Bradley teased an episode of the series featuring T'Challa as Star-Lord: Keep watching the video to see things want to see in Marvel's What If...?

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What If... Steve and bucky survived WW2? | 0:16
What If... Yondu had delivered Peter? | 1:05
What if... T'Challa was abducted instead of Quill? | 2:17
What if... Thor had become king? | 2:58
What If... the Avengers never assembled? | 4:01
What If… Abomination joined the Avengers instead of Hulk? | 4:41
What If... Tony Stark died during the Battle of New York? | 5:34
What if… Iron Man captured Captain America in Civil War? | 6:11
What If... Hulk never left Earth after Age of Ultron? | 6:52
What If... Killmonger had won? | 7:47
What If... Hawkeye sacrificed himself in Endgame? | 8:57
What if… zombies? | 9:54

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