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Can Wonder Woman Lift Thor's Hammer?

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Diana of Themyscira: warrior, princess, demigod, heroine. Much of Wonder Woman's illustrious legacy in comics has had her act not just as savior to the little man, but also as arbiter and conscience for her fellow heroes when they fall short of the task at hand. It's no overstatement to describe Wonder Woman as an ultimate avatar of justice and peace, motivated by a pure desire to right wrongs and help literally anyone in need. So surely she'd be worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer Mjolnir, right?

Heck, a surface-level comparison between Thor and Wonder Woman suggests that the Amazonian may actually be more worthy to wield the hammer than the God of Thunder. For one, Thor's trigger finger is itchier than Diana's, while Asgardians in general tend to be more morally gray than the Amazons of Themyscira, too. Setting aside the obvious corporate barrier between the two characters, it's definitely worth asking: just how well could Diana measure up to the standards of Mjolnir? Well, let's take a deeper look. The exact words on Mjolnir read:

"So Whosoever holds at this hammer, shall be worthy to possess the power of Thor."

No greater context is really available besides the content of comics canon, which is slippery on its best day. Objectively bad people have used Mjolnir in the past Loki, for example, though he had help from a spell that allowed him to circumvent the rules. And then there was the time the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android was permitted to wield Mjolnir. While inherently unqualified to use the hammer on fair and square terms, the Android used his ability to copy others' qualities and made himself worthy. He didn't copy Thor's powers though, instead mimicking his innate character, though he could only do this for an hour at a time.

But all this still suggests the mystical hammer is flexible to technicalities. It's also clear that the rules of the hammer can be changed based on individual circumstances and that its definition of "worthiness" isn't strictly limited to whether or not a character is lawful-good or not. Just look at the hammer's MCU history. As the man who enchanted Mjolnir in the first place, Odin literally defined what worthiness is to the hammer inspired largely by Thor's misguided actions in his first movie. Thor, of course, then had to prove his worthiness based on that set of standards. But this also means that the hammer's rules aren't necessarily set in stone. And sure enough, like many tropes surrounding the usage of magic in pop culture, the rules around using Mjolnir legitimately are just vague and loophole-filled enough to permit a whole bunch of extenuating circumstances.

For example, in the comic JLA/Avengers, from back when Marvel and DC could do crossovers like that, Superman himself was permitted to raise the hammer but only for one fight, and he was unable to pick it up again once hostilities ceased. That's probably a fair deal, too while there are times when Superman needs a little boost for a good cause, he probably shouldn't be able to casually haul such a weapon around. After all, he does tend to get it in his head that he's the only real arbiter of truth, justice, and the American way. Keep watching the video to see: can Wonder Woman lift Thor's hammer?

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