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Easter Eggs You Missed In WandaVision Episode 7

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With each episode, WandaVision keeps revealing new and more interesting layers to this strange new reality. To find out what's hidden in the basement, keep watching for Easter eggs you missed in WandaVision.

WandaVision's seventh episode — "Breaking the Fourth Wall" — brings us to the late '00s/early 2010's in terms of sitcom references. Wanda, Vision, Agnes, and even Darcy participate in talking heads segments in which they speak directly to the audience, mirroring the mockumentary stylings of sitcoms like Modern Family, The Office, and Parks & Recreation.

While the style used in episode 7 feels most like Modern Family, that isn't where the intro comes from. With its flashes of things you'd expect to find in a workplace like computer screens, calendars, and the I Love Wanda coffee mug — plus the derivative theme music — it feels a lot more like the intro to The Office.

Speaking of office comedies — just before the theme starts, Wanda tries to laugh off the bizarre things happening in her home with "It's probably just a case of the Mondays." That's not a reference to The Office, but rather a reference to the 1999 comedy Office Space.

The opening few minutes of episode 7 also hide one more easter egg. As Wanda-themed objects appear one-by-one, a license plate with Wanda has the numbers 12,28,22. Those numbers are a reference to Stan Lee's birthdate of December 28, 1922. Although the late comic book icon won't be making any more cameos in future MCU projects, the subtle shout-out makes it clear that Lee is gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Watch this video for more easter eggs you missed in WandaVision episode 7!

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A more modern family | 0:00
The twins look super | 1:24
An Interesting breakfast | 2:00
A stong man | 2:48
A reference to the Multiverse | 3:44
More echoes from Captain Marvel | 4:56
Powering up | 5:42
The silence of the lambs | 6:15
Agatha all along | 7:08
The Darkhold? | 7:51

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