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Godzilla Vs. Kong's Confusing Moments Explained

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Director Adam Wingard's titanic blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong absolutely delivers on the heavyweight brawl promised in the title, but it's very light on logic. Perplexed by the plot of Godzilla vs. Kong? Here are the most confusing moments, explained.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, major concepts get brief bits of exposition. Hollow Earth, for example, is a major plot point, but most of its history is only laid out during the opening credits. As the credits state, in 1926, an American admiral led an expedition to the North Pole, although it's not clear if he found Hollow Earth.

This admiral is very clearly supposed to be Richard E. Byrd, a real-life figure who's inexorably linked to the idea of Hollow Earth. In 1926, Byrd voyaged to the North Pole, although whether he actually succeeded is a matter of debate.

Byrd has since become a pivotal figure in the real-life Hollow Earth conspiracy theory (yeah, that's a thing), and Godzilla vs. Kong has embraced that, making him one of the first Hollow Earth pioneers, at least in the MonsterVerse.

Watch the video for more of Godzilla Vs. Kong's Confusing Moments Explained!

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Who discovered Hollow Earth? | 0:00
What's up with Hollow Earth physics? | 1:08
Who is Ren Serizawa? | 2:35
How did Kong get so big? | 3:33
Why does Mechagodzilla hate Godzilla? | 5:01
What is that device? | 6:05
How does Kong's axe work? | 7:36
Whats going on with that tunnel? | 9:03
Who won? | 10:45

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