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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Walking Dead Character Endings

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The Walking Dead has killed off dozens of characters over the course of its run. But not all of those deaths have been satisfying. We're here to take a look at The Walking Dead's most moving and meaningful character endings, as well as the most frustrating and cheap.

Whenever a new character gets a little extra screen time, savvy audiences know to start preparing for a dramatic death. Denise Cloyd is a perfect example. Introduced as one of the townspeople in Alexandria, she reluctantly becomes the community's doctor. When Denise sets off on a supply mission with Daryl and Rosita in the sixth season, her modest arc kicks suddenly into high gear. Denise is determined to become the sort of person Tara, her girlfriend, deserves.

After risking her life to get an orange soda, Denise is lectured by the others. She starts to explain what this trip really means to her, revealing that Daryl reminds her of her brave brother, and that lonely Rosita reminds her of who she used to be. Suddenly, she's shot through the eye with a bolt from Daryl's stolen crossbow, now wielded by Dwight.

This moment feels like a hasty end to a relatively inconsequential character, designed to ramp up Alexandria's impending war with the Saviors. The Walking Dead has proven time and again that it can wrap up season-long arcs without shameless shock moments like this. The minute she starts taking up more screen time, you pretty much know she's headed for the grave before the credits roll.

Watch this video for the 5 best and 5 worst Walking Dead character endings!

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Worst: Denise Cloyd | 0:00
Best: Simon | 1:25
Worst: Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas | 2:43
Best: Glenn Rhee | 3:50
Worst: Paul "Jesus" Rovia | 5:02
Best: Merle Dixon | 6:11
Worst: Abraham Ford | 7:18
Best: Beta | 8:23
Worst: Rick Grimes | 9:26
Best: Sasha Williams | 10:42

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