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The Ending Of Gemini Man Explained

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Gemini Man's intriguing premise isn't necessarily new, but the Ang Lee-directed sci-fi thriller presents a number of chances to look at a familiar story in ways that other movies haven't. These are just some of the implications left hanging by the end of the film - and what they mean for the people left standing.

Even before he realizes that he's unwittingly been roped into a massive conspiracy involving a secret cloning program and a clone of himself growing up right under his nose, Will Smith's Henry Brogan is tired. He finds himself slowing down, losing his touch, and more importantly, he's beginning to struggle with his job a little more. Killing people is no longer a satisfying bit of service to his country. It's something he struggles to live with.

The journey of Gemini Man is Henry's journey to quite literally contend with himself and his place in the world, and he comes out the other side of it feeling a little better about himself. His defeat of Gemini leader Clay Varris allows him to sleep a little easier at night, he admits he can finally look in a mirror, and he's found a surrogate son who just happens to share his exact DNA profile in Junior. Henry Brogan's killer instinct might not go away overnight, and neither will his guilt or any traces of post-traumatic stress, but he has people in his life who care about him at last, and that's a good start.

We get less character development on the side of "Junior," Henry Brogan's young clone who was adopted as Clay Varris' son, but we know enough to understand that he's got a tough road ahead of him. Junior was created to be the ultimate killer, a man with all of Brogan's natural skills and athleticism but none of the emotional issues he grew up with. In talking with Junior, Henry revealed that Clay's attempts at taking all of those issues away from Junior didn't work. The young clone still struggles with issues of inadequacy, with nightmares, and with struggling to find joy anywhere besides on the other side of a gun. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Gemini Man explained!

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