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The Outrage Over The New Mulan Movie

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You can't please everyone, and that goes double for people who consider themselves to be hardcore Disney fans.

More than a few Disney die-hards are up in arms on Twitter over the trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of Mulan, which will not be a musical and will exclude a couple of key characters.

The beloved 1998 animated original centered on Fa Mulan, a peasant girl who disguises herself as a man so that she can enlist in the Chinese army, in place of her ailing father, to help defend her country against the marauding Huns. At her side on her journey is Mushu, a tiny, wisecracking dragon who hopes to restore his tarnished honor by helping Mulan succeed — a task made more difficult by General Li Shang, who serves as an antagonist for much of the film before being won over by Mulan's bravery and cleverness.

Shang and Mushu are the characters at the center of the Twitter uproar, as it's been revealed that neither will appear in the live-action film — a revelation that didn't sit well with legions of passionate fans of the original.

"They'll be begging me to come back to work!"

This isn't to say that many of these fans are going to refrain from buying a ticket. Disgruntled fans still rage-attending movies is a common theme among the outpouring of angry tweets, as illustrated by a tweet from user _dearwallflower, who acknowledged that the version of Mulan featured in the trailer looks remarkably badass, saying,

"This is the Mulan we obviously wanted, but Mushu? Li-Shang? Music? I mean, imma go see it regardless, but imma also be sad."

The sentiment was echoed by user GoodyButts, who ran down her complete list of reactions to the trailer in her tweet:

"Cries watching the Mulan trailer… listens to "I'll Make A Man Out of You"… remembers there won't be musical numbers or Mushu… cries some more… REMAINS EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE."

One user even flat-out stated that they were predisposed to rage at the idea of a non-musical version of Mulan, but that the trailer pretty much won them over, saying,

"I wanna HATE the Mulan remake but the way she twiddles her sword with her hair flowing in the wind? It looks god tier."

Meanwhile, user MikeMcdonaldii pointed out that it's unrealistic to expect the same movie.

"So y'all mad that Disney live-action remakes are just shot 4 shot w/ the animated movies but y'all mad that this #Mulan has it own vision from its animated counterpart."

He has a heck of a point. This May's live-action version of Aladdin, although it raked in nearly a billion dollars in worldwide box office receipts, has been called out by fans and critics alike for being a by-the-numbers recreation of the original that doesn't bother to carve out its own unique vision. The same complaints have been leveled preemptively at The Lion King, which uses CGI to render its characters in live action. Of course, The Lion King has been blowing away preview audiences, so it may prove to be the film that pokes king-sized holes in those way-too-early criticisms. Keep watching the video to see more about the outrage over the new Mulan movie!

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