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The Real Reason Ruby Rose Quit Batwoman

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Fans of the CW's Batwoman will be disappointed to learn that Ruby Rose has unexpectedly bowed out of the title role of Kate Kane.

The parting from the show appears to be perfectly amicable, as Rose's announcement includes a long thank you to her director and producers for the opportunity. Nonetheless, she seems to feel walking away is best for her future. It's not as though the show has performed poorly Batwoman's premiere season punched in a comparable weight class to more established shows in the cable network's Arrowverse lineup, ending up as the network's third-most watched program of 2019.

The news of the lead actor's departure is surprising and even upsetting, but it's not all bad. With the recent announcement from the CW that the network plans to delay virtually all new season premieres until at least January 2021, Batwoman's producers will have plenty of extra time to seek out a new lead. Lending further comfort, the press release confirming Rose's departure additionally included a reassurance that the channel is still dedicated to finding another LGBTQ actress to fill the role of the canonically lesbian hero. But why did Ruby Rose exit the role so suddenly, when everything seems to be going just the way any television actor would want? Well, there are a number of possible reasons.

Back in the summer of 2019, Rose had to have emergency surgery due to herniated discs in her spine that threatened to paralyze her.

The injury was sustained at some point during the filming of Batwoman's first season, and over time as Rose began to experience numbness in her extremities, realization set in that the injury might be much more serious than at first believed. She didn't reveal this fact until that September, well after the surgery, and as far as anyone is publicly aware, she has indeed recovered just fine from her injury. Variety reports an anonymous source that claims Rose departing the role has nothing to do with her health, but it's difficult to say exactly what that means.

She's probably perfectly healthy now, since doctors intervened before the injury could become permanent, but it may have affected her strength and flexibility in a way that prevented her from fully recovering in time for filming. It's not necessarily that she's unhealthy, but there could be uncertainty around how safe it is to continue performing such a stunt-heavy role after a spine injury, even a healed one. It's also entirely possible that the injury has simply brought Rose to second-guess her dedication to the role. Anyone would question how willing they are to continue working a job after getting so seriously hurt on-site, even when there's no one at fault.

The aforementioned network-wide delay of new content on the CW, alternatively, may have provided Rose an opportunity she may have been looking for. In an interview with Glamour in September 2019, shortly before the revelation of her spinal injury, Rose confessed to feeling homesick for her native Australia, and that she had an interest in pursuing future roles closer to home. Keep watching the video to see the real reason Ruby Rose quit Batwoman!

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