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This Is How Old Every Member Of The Fellowship Of The Ring Is

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Middle-Earth is filled to the brim with all kinds of magical beings and creatures - and while many of them live fairly short lives, others can grow to be very old indeed. Of course, nowhere is this more evident than with the members of the Fellowship of the Ring themselves.

Peregrin Took is by far the youngest member of the Fellowship of the Ring, coming in at a youthful 29 years old when the Ring is destroyed. This makes Pippin extraordinarily young, even for a hobbit. Hobbits tend to age slowly, drawing out their adolescent years right through their 20s. In fact, in The Fellowship of the Ring, this extended adolescence is defined as:

In other words, Pippin is so young that he still has four years to go before he even comes of age, according to the standards of his own people. So while he might be a little young to go traipsing around the continent on life-or-death, world-saving adventures, Pippin ultimately makes the case for his youthful presence in a number of ways.

For one, he indirectly helps the cause by giving into temptation and looking in the palantír - preventing Gandalf from accidentally doing so himself, which would have revealed the wizard's thoughts to Sauron and meant disaster for the Free Peoples. On top of that, the young hobbit helps convince the ents to attack Isengard, and ultimately saves Faramir from being burned alive by his own father. Heck, in the books he even single-handedly takes down a huge hill troll chief in the final battle at the Black Gate. Young or not, it's a pretty lucky thing he's on the team. Keep watching the video to see that this is how old every member of the Fellowship of the Ring is.


Pippin | 0:00
Merry | 1:34
Sam | 2:57
Boromir | 4:24
Frodo | 5:37
Aragorn | 6:36
Gimli | 7:56
Legolas | 9:12
Gandalf | 10:12

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