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Winston's Backstory In John Wick Explained

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Aside from its title character, the most important personality in the John Wick action saga is Winston, proprietor of the New York branch of the Continental Hotel. His past is shrouded in mystery, but here's what can be pieced together about it from what we've seen so far.

Winston, as of this video, has not exactly fought in the same way John Wick and the rest of his adversaries have, but he has displayed some of his skill. He is shown to be a pretty impeccable marksman, but probably his most obvious skill is his capacity for leadership. He commands attention and loyalty by doing actually quite little, because it is clear that everyone interacting with him understands who he is and where he came from, much the same way literally everyone in the universe interacts with John Wick. It's not just The Rules giving him clout; Winston is known like John is, but it's displayed with negative space and narrative — it's what people don't do or say around him, up to and including The Adjudicator. He's also an excellent negotiator, able to talk down hotheads on the verge of breaking the Continental's rules -- with the exception of John when he decided to kill D'Antonio, of course -- and acting as power broker for the hotel all throughout the third movie.

If The High Table is composed of organized crime elite, the ranks of Continental managers must be as well. Rather than being the dons, shot-callers, and bosses of families, however, it may be reasonable to assume that the managers of the various branches are the erstwhile right hands of those at the Table. Who better to run a hotel for hired killers than the best of those among them? It is likely the closest any of them will ever have to a retirement — and the idea does in fact have a teeny bit of canonical support through Sofia's characterization.

Watch this video to learn more of Winstons backstory in John Wick!

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