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Easter Eggs You Missed In El Camino

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By the time it wrapped up, it was agreed that one of Breaking Bad's critical strengths was its clear purpose, making it a rare series without too many plot holes, dropped storylines, or extraneous scenes. The acclaimed 2013 final episode of Breaking Bad decisively concluded the story of Walter White, but the fate of Jesse Pinkman was left unknown. Now El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is here to fill in the blanks. Let's delve into the details and dig up some Easter eggs and references you may have missed.

And be warned: Spoilers are ahead.

El Camino begins with a flashback of Jesse and Mike Ehrmantraut making conversation about where they might escape to if they ever ended up as fugitives. Mike is clear in his answer: Alaska, "the last frontier." By the time we catch up with Jesse screaming down the road after the events of Breaking Bad, it's clear he's had escape to the great white north on his mind for a while. But first, he has to take care of a few things.

Jesse's dash for freedom is almost immediately derailed by an army of police officers, alerted to the white supremacists' compound by the pounding hellfire of Walt's military-grade swan song. Seeing the red and blue approaching, Jesse swerves his car into a driveway, laying low with the lights off as the police pass. When they do, he backs out swiftly, knocking over a mailbox. The mailbox hangs there, holding in the corner of the shot as Jesse flees. The address number: "212."

"Phoenix" is the twelfth episode of Breaking Bad's second season, or episode 212. It's the episode where Jane, Jesse's then-girlfriend, dies. It's a turning point in Jesse's life that takes him from a bad situation to true, prolonged misery. Considering that one of El Camino's last scenes is a flashback to Jesse and Jane, this shoutout seems suitable.

Over the course of their time on Breaking Bad, Skinny Pete and Badger prove themselves to be surprisingly adorable. They have surprising depth, from Skinny Pete's showstopping piano skills to the duo's abiding passion for sci-fi. In the season 5 Breaking Bad episode "Blood Money," Skinny Pete and Badger have an extended dialogue about Star Trek.

With that background in mind, it's a real pleasure to see Skinny Pete's house so decked out in Star Trek paraphernalia, from starships on the bookshelves to sci-fi inspired chairs in front of the TV. It's just another detail to further flesh out characters we thought we already knew, showing how their possibly addictive personalities can be put toward interests way more wholesome than what you'd find at the end of a meth pipe.

Watch the video to see the Easter eggs you missed in El Camino!

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Phoenix rising | 0:28
The final frontier | 1:30
Crossroads of love | 2:16
Todd and Lydia | 3:06
Dogged determination | 4:02
Crawl space | 5:01
Better call Clarence | 5:40
Bugging out | 6:44
Breaking bread | 7:48
The way forward | 8:48

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